Fix Drupal 7 errors/warnings about count(), cache_get(), and each().


Upgrading PHP to 7.2 might break your Drupal 7.

Here are some error/warning examples and how to fix them.

Reset password and unblock login for admin (or any account) in Drupal 8 with SQL query in MySQL or MariaDB

My Drupal 8 site got some problem and I restored it from an old backup.
The problem is, I forgot the password of admin account, and I don't have a working MTA (ex, Postfix Mail Transport Agent) on the server for sending password resetting mail.
The solutions to reset password and unblock the account in database directly.

Hope this HOWTO can save a tree and a kitten.

TOC (Table Of Content) for Drupal

Upgrading old Drupal, Part 2: Show module names which causes Drupal update failed, and resolve it.

I was upgrading an old drupal 6 site to drupal 7.
Lots of modules and themes need to be upgraded at the same time. Some are easy, but some not when it comes to dependency issues.
I keep getting Some of the pending updates cannot be applied because their dependencies were not met. error when running Database update. OK I know there's some problems with module, but which module(s)?

Upgrading old Drupal, Part 1: No content shown, unable to login, missing modules, and resolve it.

I was upgrading an old drupal 6 multi-site to drupal 7. The main (default) site has been upgraded for years, all other sub-sites had been disabled or moved out before the migration.
But I recently want to re-enable a long-ignored old sub-site, which takes me a while. I got no content shown, unable to login, missing modules.

And This is How To Resolve Them.

Writing Post on Drupal with Markdown

Drupal is great but could be even better with Markdown.
This is the HOWTO you're looking for.
This article is written in markdown.

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