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New Blog of BlueT.

This is the new Blog of BlueT.
The name GeekyLog is combined with the words Geek, Log, Blog, and Logic.
This blog is currently mainly for myself, to log some informations about me and my life experiences.

Currently I have 5 categories: Life, Ubuntu, CompuTech, Ubuntu@Taiwan, and Perl.
Most of all articales in this blog are licensed in CC-By-SA.
Any comments are welcome. And please help on spreading my GeekyLog and Studio to the world.

Due to the Gandi Blog Services is very slow for Taiwan Users, I'm starting to migrate all of my posts from my old GeekyLog to this new GeekyLog.

This new blog is hosted on my own VPS in USA, bought from RapidXen, fully controlled by myself.


Best wishes,


Few years ago RapidXen stopped it's awesome VPS service, and I moved to DigitalOcean.

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