Nginx 1.25.0 開始支援 HTTP/3 (QUIC)


不過正式釋出是昨天的事,不到 24 小時前。

Changes with nginx 1.25.0                                        23 May 2023

    *) Feature: experimental HTTP/3 support.


記得寫研究所論文時就爬過 QUIC 程式碼、翻過 spec,找過缺陷問題,然後心心念念期待普及。直至今日。

Disable IPv6 support in Ubuntu/Linux.

As many people know, Ubuntu supports IPv6 by default.
It's nice but sometimes you don't have chance to use IPv6 in your network environment.
And maybe, sometimes it brings few more complexity for your system administration tasks.

For example, if you set [i]listen_ip=[/i] in a services daemon's config file and hope it can listen to all of the IPv4 IPs of your network interfaces, you might not get what you want.

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