Update CI data / database container image for data or database schema changes.

One of the projects I work on uses GitLab . We host our codes on GitLab, review codes and commits, and use GitLab CI to do all the CI auto-testing jobs before we merge branches.

Normally mock data for TDD Unit Test shouldn't be a difficult job, but once we need to do something more complicated, like searching relations in a graph database, or doing some Integration Test, it became a mess, no matter we put them in test codes or put them in separated files and load when needed:

  • updating hundreds of records in a thousands-rows mock dataset .
  • container stats and changes will not be kept across stages and jobs, so in every jobs and stages we need to load them again and again.
  • it takes time and resources to load data into database, and we don't want to wait them long.
  • wasting resources might cause global warming.

Travis CI + sonarQube + GitHub for JavaScript auto testing and quality check

Writing JavaScript npm modules is one of the great ways to contribute the world. Using modules can save a lot of time to win your life back.
But how do you know if the module is ready to be released and used in production?

Travis CI can do the auto testing.
sonarQube can do code quality checking and generate coverage report.
GitHub does code hosting.
Combine with all above, your life can be easier as a developer or manager.

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