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bun ( crash with error: IsDir. Reason and solution.


As bun sounds promising, I've been adapting it in my daily life for a better/alternative solution to npm.

The Pain

The pain But today I got error: IsDir in my new helloworld project for learning React.

$ bun install

error: IsDir

----- bun meta -----
Bun v0.5.9 (f3ab445c) Linux x64 #77-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 21 14:02:37 UTC 2023
Elapsed: 1ms | User: 0ms | Sys: 4ms
RSS: 34.61MB | Peak: 10.31MB | Commit: 34.61MB | Faults: 0
----- bun meta -----

0   0x555b15fa6a2b

Crash report saved to:

Search GitHub issues or ask for #help in

Google search found nothing related, but a closed issue did help. - error: IsDir when running bun install #168

The Cause

so on install, bun looks for a plaintext .env file - and then tries to parse it. If .env is a folder, it will fall over.

The Fix

If you have a .env/ in your project root folder, rename or remove it. Bun will act normal now.

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